As part of the cooperation, we offer our customers a quick, convenient solution - a wide range of industrial wood painting.

Painting is accepted for material orders over 100m2:
TRANSPARENT PAINT - 4.99 eur /m2
COVERING PAINT - 5.99 eur /m2
**The price of painting the boards includes priming and painting in 3 layers.

Quality: when painting with the machine, it is possible to get a more even and high-quality painting, because the machine covers the entire length of the board evenly.
Speed: with the help of the equipment, a large volume of boards can be painted in a short time.
Costs: after considering all the resources and costs, we believe that painting industrial boards is more profitable for the customer, since no additional labor is required and time resources are saved.
Painting environment: painting takes place indoors, so we can provide a suitable environment for painting boards at any time of the year and in any weather.

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