Finishing boards

You can buy a wide variety of finishing boards from us, which can be used for both interior and exterior finishing.
Finishing boards are produced from AB class quality material, without fallen branches. The finishing material is dried, with 18% humidity, the available material is spruce or pine.

HOLT Timber

Choose your dream design

Choose the surface

It is possible to choose the most suitable planing solution - smooth planed or finely scraped surface. A smoothly planed surface will be suitable for transparent shades that let the wood texture through. A Scandinavian-style planed material (with a finely raised surface) will be suitable for covering paints, where good adhesion to the material is important. Applying paint on this type of material will create a matte texture.

Smoothly planed surface

Highlight the texture of the wood!

A smoothly planed surface will be suitable for transparent shades that let the wood texture through.

Fine sawn surface

Gives a matte structure to the finishing board!

Choose this finishing board surface if you want to highlight the color instead of the wood texture. The finely sawn surface will be suitable for covering paints.

How to make a purchase?

Choose finishing board

Choose the profile of the finishing boards and its surface - smoothly planed or finely sawn.
As well as all parameters (thickness, width, length).

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Realized projects

Vertical ship-lap

Project realized for sale. The customer chose our finishing boards - Vertical ship-lap 21x 120mm, which was also painted with stain!

Horizontal ship-lap & Terrace boards

Project realized by the customer. Horizontal ship-lap 21 x 120mm was used for the house, which were also painted at our cooperation partner. The customer also bought 28 x 120mm impregnated terrace boards from us.

Vertical ship-lap UVYS

The client chose our finishing boards - UVYS Vertical ship-lap profile for his house. The customer is satisfied with the choice. The house is expressive and noticeable!