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41mm Thickness, 1st grade / SPRUCE41mm Thickness, 1st grade / SPRUCE
Floor boards - 28mm Thickness, 1st grade / PINEFloor boards - 28mm Thickness, 1st grade / PINE
Floorboard - 28mm Thickness, 1st grade / SPRUCEFloorboard - 28mm Thickness, 1st grade / SPRUCE
Ship-lap - Degree 1m²Ship-lap - Degree 1m²
Ship-lap - Degree 1m² Sale price€20,07
Ship-lap - Horizontal 1m²Ship-lap - Horizontal 1m²
Ship-lap - Horizontal 1m² Sale price€20,07
Ship-lap - UVYS 1m²Ship-lap - UVYS 1m²
Ship-lap - UVYS 1m² Sale price€20,07
Ship-lap - Vertical 1m²Ship-lap - Vertical 1m²
Ship-lap - Vertical 1m² Sale price€20,07
Ship-lap - Weatherboard 1m²Ship-lap - Weatherboard 1m²
Ship-lap - Weatherboard 1m² Sale price€20,07
Square finishing board 1m²Square finishing board 1m²
Square finishing board 1m² Sale price€19,32
T&G - Blockhouse / Loglap 1m²
T&G - Round edges 1m²T&G - Round edges 1m²
T&G - Round edges 1m² Sale price€19,32
T&G Decorative Lath 1m²T&G Decorative Lath 1m²
T&G Decorative Lath 1m² Sale price€19,32
T&G Teardrop 1m²T&G Teardrop 1m²
T&G Teardrop 1m² Sale price€19,32
T&G Thin Board 1m²T&G Thin Board 1m²
T&G Thin Board 1m² Sale price€18,37
T&G V-Joint 1m²T&G V-Joint 1m²
T&G V-Joint 1m² Sale price€19,32
T&G Vertical 1m²T&G Vertical 1m²
T&G Vertical 1m² Sale price€19,32
T&G Wall Board 1m²T&G Wall Board 1m²
T&G Wall Board 1m² Sale price€19,32
Terrace boards 28mm - impregnatedTerrace boards 28mm - impregnated
Terrace boards 28mm - impregnated Sale priceFrom €5,74
Thickness 145mm - Planed SpruceThickness 145mm - Planed Spruce
Thickness 145mm - Planed Spruce Sale priceFrom €39,68
Thickness 45mm - Planed SpruceThickness 45mm - Planed Spruce
Thickness 45mm - Planed Spruce Sale priceFrom €5,70
Thickness 73mm - Planed SpruceThickness 73mm - Planed Spruce
Thickness 73mm - Planed Spruce Sale priceFrom €13,23
Thickness 95mm - Planed SpruceThickness 95mm - Planed Spruce
Thickness 95mm - Planed Spruce Sale priceFrom €23,51
Trapeze 1m²Trapeze 1m²
Trapeze 1m² Sale price€19,32



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